A Four Week Online Course...

"Karma" tells the timeless story of all we've been part of. It holds no negative connotation. It's simply a reflection of all we accept to be personally true. If a part of our soul once believed ourselves to be unworthy or unhealthy, we may still be holding on to these limited perceptions in our current realities. Those experiences are in the past, but they still carry a karmic resonance. By compassionately healing the original patterns of blame, shame, and guilt (to name a few common patterns of disconnect), we free ourselves from all attachment to those limited perceptions, thereby clearing the path to greater empowerment in our lives.

Alania Starhawk has been attuned by the Akashic Council of Light to journey into the living library of knowledge, wisdom, and truth to bring healing to all that was once in disharmony and imbalance. She skillfully guides us through our collective memories to access all imprints of perceived injustice that are now ready for higher insight. As we heal the original wounds, we bring balance and healing to the entire timeline of experience, from that moment to this. Memories of being wise, empowered, and safe will also arise - to activate that sacred remembrance within.

-> Wednesdays at 7pm EST <- 

Beginning October 16th, 2019

Your Four Weeks of Karmic RePatterning Include: 

  •  A deep foundational understanding of Belief Systems, Karmic Patterning, Akashic Healing and Soul EmPowerment  
  •  Awareness of PAST LIVES and how they impact our current experience  
  •  Divinely guided teachings, visualizations, energy downloads, and channelings - all focused upon healing the ancient wounds that hold us back from living abundantly.  
  •  Group Akashic Clearings - journeying into the Akashic Field of Light to rePattern old archetypal beliefs systems - awakening connection to greater trust, peace, emPowerment, love, and prosperity in our current lives  
  •  Soul Healing - all experience is supported by your own Guides and Guardians who facilitate energy clearing and activation uniquely for YOU and your emPowered journey 

You pay only $88 for all FOUR WEEKS of this power-filled experience ...when you register now!! 

Yes! I'm ready to awaken. 

This course is valued at $144. Alania is offering this special price of $88 for a limited time. Make sure to complete your registration - once you know that you would like to join her for this profound experience of enlightened sharing. 

Join us Live or in Replay - Enjoy the Freedom to Attend at your convenience!! No downloads or apps. Just follow an online link to watch each session live or in replay. 

Important to Know: 

  •  Once fully registered, you will receive an email with all details and links (with additional reminder emails before the event). Please check to make sure you have that info before the event begins!!  
  •  This experience is expected to last about 90 minutes - but is completely organic and untimed. It might be a little more or a little less - as guided.  
  •  Live chat and interaction!! Your chatroom participation is highly encouraged - to deepen this healing experience.  
  •  The energy attunements and activations that flow through this experience will be in "real time" - meaning that it will be possible for you to TUNE IN to the energy that flows at any time. It is always available to you!!  
  •  You will have access to the event afterward in "replay"!! You will receive a link shortly after the event ends. However, please know that there is no "fast forward" available in the replay. I encourage you to take note of any insights that speak to you.  
  •  We're so excited to journey with you!! Your presence contributes something wonderful to the collective energy. We appreciate you!!

As a Divine Channel, Alania lovingly connects YOU to all higher realms of truth and wisdom - including your angels, guardians, and higher Self.  

While working within the Akashic Field of Light and the higher dimensions of Divine Consciousness, she gently channels through the messages of love, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads that bring support to your earth journey and your soul’s expansion. She passionately assists you to break down all walls of limitation, reprogram old and outdated belief systems, and awaken the infinite truth that is most naturally YOU!!